10 best movie wedding dresses

A wedding is a truly special and significant moment – both in life and in stories. On the silver screen – just like in reality – the bride is the center of everyone’s attention, and the garment she wears should be chosen carefully: chances are people will be looking at it for decades!  With this post I decided to share ten wedding dresses, that I believe to be some of the most special and gorgeous movie wedding dresses.

10. Gone With the Wind, 1939. Vivienne Leigh is wearing a garment by Walter Plunkett – a famous Hollywood costume designer.

9. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 1942. Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell are both wearing dresses designed by William Travilla – he actually designed costumes for eight movies with Marilyn.

8. Funny Face, 1957. Audrey Hepburn in a gown by Hubert de Givenchy – the founder of a fashion house carrying his last name.

7. Graduate, 1967. Catherine Ross wore a garment by Patricia Zipprodt – an American costume designer who was famous for her thorough research done for every project.

6. Funny Girl, 1968. For this movie, Barbra Streisand was dressed by Irene Sharaff – an Oscar-awarded American costume designer.

5. Steel Magnolias, 1989. Julia Roberts here is wearing a dress by Julie Weiss, which is sometimes compared to the ones Disney Princesses would wear.

4. Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones, 2002. Natalie Portman wore fantastic (literally) dress by Trisha Biggar, who also created many other costumes for the legendary franchise.

3. Moulin Rouge, 2002. Nicole Kidman is wearing a design by Catherine Martin and Angus Strathie – Australian costume  designers.

2. Les Miserables, 2012. Amanda Seyfried wore a dress by Paco Delgado.

1. Fifty Shades Freed, 2018. Dakota Johnson’s dress by Monique Lhuillier can probably be called one of the most sensational wedding dresses on the big screen this year.

Happy bride is the best advertising

Quit often i have no idea that some blog or magazine mentioned me or my projects. So i was very surprised when my bride told me her dad found me at some magazine. He is a very serious businessman and im pretty sure he never read any wedding magazines. So i asked her to find out what kind of magazine it was. It was wedding annex for Russian Merchant magazine. I found this article on their website, it’s in Russian, but you can use Google translate ti read) This article was written by my client from Santa Margarita, Italy. Here is a part of what she wrote for a magazine:

“Wedding agency recommended very talented videographer Oleg Shel and wedding designer Dina Yakushina.

I was really scared to be overloaded with flowers as it reminds me funerals. I checked Dina’s portfolio and really liked her project Styled Provence, where she used hydrangeas which just started to be popular. I realised, we wouldn’t have too many flowers if don’t want that. Also, she was very careful with the budget.

Unfortunately, you have to be ready that during wedding process your budget will grow bigger 30%minimum no matter how accurate you asked your planner to be since the beginning. Ex., velvet paper for invitations suddenly will be become more expensive at payment day; a few days before the wedding transfer cost will increase a few times; and more. What i want to say is that Dina exaggerate our budget at all and made something simply impossible: turned old well into magnificent ceremony background, manufactured for us one of a kind plates with monogram and art nouveau print (same on ceremony stain glasses). Golden setting plate were painted just a few days before the wedding in a garage! When we entered the reception hall, we simply lost the words.”

You can read full article HERE

My story

So I would like to tell you about steps I have gone through to reach the result that my studio is in 10th of the best decorators of Moscow. Our projects are well-known among the brides, we deal with the best wedding agencies, there are projects not only from Moscow, but also from various regions of Italy, France, Australia, Austria, Montenegro, Spain and Monaco in our portfolio.

It happened that my first steps to this profession was made with the help of the person I had admired (and I am still), the marvelous furnishing designer, Nadia Zotova. In 2011 she offered me to help her to design the first in my life wedding with the budget of.. 50 thousand rubles. We have succeeded, I even had found the florist to help us. That first bride was so happy that recommended me to the other brides after that!

I have studied as a florist and it turned-weddings in Moscow and Moscow region with a small budget, one failure and my personal work without Nadia, who had decided to engage with furnishing design only. That time I have been working as marketing manager in a boarding house. And suddenly – the call from the studio of style wedding ” Dlya Dvoih” and the wedding arrangement for them with a budget of about 150 thousand rubles in Moscow region. After that they invited me to go with them to Montenegro and Italy.

It`s a long story about difficulties and problems I had to resolve during my working at those first abroad projects as I have never faced with something equal before. I`ve never worked alone, out of team, but with the help of agency only. In spite of it both projects have succeeded and the Italian one was, by the way, published in “Wedding” and “Vogue Bride” magazines at once. This way 2012th year passed.

In 2013 I kept on joining my basic work and weddings, but in 2014 I have finally decided to retire. That time I could come in touch with the partners in Monaco. And it`s a wonder again- the couple have come to me who wished the wedding in Alps, then the customers with the wedding in Monaco, another-at the Maggiore lake, Helena Kuletskaya with the wedding in Provence and the wonderful couple with the wedding in Grasse not far from Nice. At the same time I was leading the projects in Moscow, which were published at various blogs, some of them were published in magazines, were spreaded around instagrammes of popular Americans and Russian publishers. And it was not very well known that the projects were arranged by myself only. Of course, I gathered the team of workers for installation works, but the arrangement was organized by me only. I had no partners or assistants.

And only one thing embarrassed me – no other wedding agency, beside the Studio of wedding ” Dlya Dvoih”, contacted me. The reason was in absence of my advertisement and people thought that I was working at the Studio “Dlya Dvoih”. Having correct that mistake and making contact with the best specialists in the sphere, the customs increased and I had to run around Russia and Europe. Finally I realized I needed an assistant badly. And what do you think? Heavens received me a sign again. The bride from the wedding I had arranged in Alps in 2014, has graduated from Moscow Flower School where I have been teaching and I offered her to be my assistant for 2015 year. That same year I have engaged the perfect installation workers, for whom my projects became the priority ones. One of the projects gained award ” The project of the year” at the up-market “Wedding Awards” and we, having decided to take part in it for the first time, broke forth into top-three best florists and decorators. Due to it, we were getting more and more orders, budgets increased and my assistant began to lead the projects by herself under my control. Now she is a project manager. Because of the flow of orders I had to engage one more assistant, who was also graduate of Moscow Flower School. After long searching we engaged the chief-florist , the technical director and the technician.

Could I imagine it 5 years ago? Of course, not. My first budgets were 50 thousand rubles. Now they are 1-3 millions. I am known among all wedding managers and the decorators-competitors. We are appealed to get students for practice, I am often interviewed, our projects are published without any usual for blogs queue, I am contacted as the best in Russia wedding specialist abroad, the team of professionals works with me. And I..I can`t but surprise how did it happened that a simple girl from the boarding house could become the Director of her own décor studio, the well-known person! And now I am planning… oh! What I am planning! Wish me good luck!

Wedding design – how much does it costs?

In a February issue of the magazine “Wedding” my article about the price of decoration was published. This is the aged question for all brides and the overriding problem for all decorators. Why it is so expensive! We would like a picture from American site but for the very low cost. I`ll try to explain what`s the point.

When the manager announce the price to the client he often hear the question: “Why so much!?” And we asked the florist and decorator Dina Yakushina to explain what the wedding budget is made of , what the level of the decoration is depended on and how to escape the overcosts.

About flowers
The quantity is not always influenced the price. Why? Firstly, it all depends on the kind of flowers. Secondly, on the complexity of flower composition. For example, the big bulb made of hydrangea and roses meter by meter across diameter put on to the high prop could cost 1,5-2 times cheaper than the low composition of Rosa David Austin Keira, Ranunculus bulbosus, hellebores, Lathyrus sativus and tulips with diameter 40-45 cm, as they are more expensive in purchase.
Besides, to make the simple spherical compositions of hydrangea and roses can every ordinal florist. As to the fashioned and frequent in European blogs low disheveled compositions in a garden style – not any florist is able to make them. That`s why the price depends on the price of flowers in composition and the skills level of the florist.

About aesthetics
One more aspect is that we are used to another aesthetics. If the budget is high, the decorations and compositions should be high too as there are a lot of money. But there is another aesthetics which is known to many people from the popular European blogs: when the tables are covered with the clothes made especially for wedding, the paths is made of hand-painted silk, when the quests cards are made of agate with the calligraphic written names of the quests.
For comparison: printed on a paper quest card in a house form costs about 50-200 rubles depending on the kind of paper and a way of printing ( silk-printing when the text is printed by gold, silver or some other metallic colour costs much more expensive than the ordinal digital printing). At the same time acrylic or mirror figure chasing costs minimum 350 rubles. This sorts of decoration is expensive because of unique materials and hardworking.

Euro exchange rate
The exchange rate is also define the cost of wedding decoration, as the great deal of flowers we get from Holland. Besides, you will be surprised, the great deal of decoration materials are also bought abroad: plastic, plexiglas, canvas, braiding, tissues, dishes etc. All this depends on euro exchange rate, sanctions, taxes and custom duties. Many decorators, after all, are studying at the foreign specialists getting education in adjoining branches and enhancing skills. All this, as I tell you, also influence the cost of their service.

About originality
Creation of the unique design-project where many specially made construction and things are used couldn`t be cheap. The hand-made begin to be appreciated in our country at last. Just imagine, how much time should be taken to make a simple wooden box for the flowers:you should buy materials, measure a size, saw details, polish them, join them with each other, fasten, paint, make a signature if it needed ( the design-pattern should be done and sent to the manufacture, and the signature to the box should be made). How could such a box costs 300 rubles?
And it concerns the other aspects of the wedding decoration. Do you know ,for example, that the rent of the simple construction with the banner 2x3 cm costs about 10-30 thousand rubles depending on the kind of construction and the distance of delivery? The painting of the good sketch in the wedding dinner area costs about 4-15 thousand rubles.
Don`t forget the installation and deinstallation. The wedding with the budget of 500.000-1000000 rubles is served by 1-3 trucks with decorations, instruments and flowers. The same number of trucks is needed after deinstallation. The team of workers and specialists take part in such projects: workers, florists, decorators, builders sometimes – about 20 persons. That`s why such a simple things cost so expensive. If you catch this you can make decisions which help to save you money. And, of course, experienced designers will help you to spent you budget more correct, pay attention to necessary elements and areas of decorating only.

What to do if you have a small budget

  • Don`t waste money for everything at a time. Try to do beautiful and completed two spheres only. It`s much better to pay attention to the ceremony and a wedding dinner, than to waste money for a photo area, sweets, bride`s morning and welcome as well. Nor you neither your quests will see what is done in fact. Imagine, there are two compositions or five on the wedding table – that`s different!
  • Focus on the quality textile and chairs! Short clothes and covered chairs with bow-knots can spoil even the best decoration. Clothes should be floor-length sharp, and there is a great variety of good chairs to let: from the classic Chiavari of different colours to the comfortable armchairs with different coloured fancywork. By the way, the coloured clothes – pale pink, mint, lilac, pale blue, peachy etc.- a very beautiful decision. They can give an air to all the area.
  • Choose the frugal subject. It`s obvious that the country-style (ecological or rustic) wedding much cheaper in materials and not so fastidious in floristic as baroque or Gatsby-style wedding. Of course the rustic could costs 5 millions, but with the equal small budget country would definitely look more brightly than baroque.
  • Don`t spare on professionals. Only experienced florist can point you the way of sparing on flowers, not losing the appearance. Inexperienced florist just offers you some cheap flowers which won`t look. So let it be a low compositions on your tables but they will be interesting, fashioned of beautiful flowers.
  • Be attentive choosing the supplier. If you are promised to do the equal for the lower price, it should get your attention. It means that you will get less than you think of (and of course you`ll see it only in wedding day) or the quality will leave much to be desired. Mind that all decorators and florists are working at the same market with the identical suppliers of flowers, furniture and so on. And it`s understandable that one and the same thing can`t vary much in it`s cost (if only your economic suppliers are going to donate you).
  • Think details over. Very often with limited budget details are ignored – rings cradle, quest`s seating, quest`s cards etc. But the similarity and attention to details create the perfect air we can see in popular wedding blogs. Remember that every style can have various decisions for different budget. The main point is to be flexible and loyal, be able to stop in time and to reject unpractical things, to get professional`s advice.

You can see the original article (in Russian) HERE

Photos by Elena Eliseeva, Elena Pavlova, Konstantin Semenikhin

Mistress of Cooper mountain

The idea for this photoshoot appeared after little talk with editors of the magazine. They’ve been preparing Russian edition and wanted to organize photoshoot by Russian fairytale’s motif. I was thinking about many of them, although Grimm’s fairytales came to my mind more often. Finally, i decided to use Bajov’s «Mistress of a Cooper mountain». It attracted my attention with it’s atmosphere, dark saturated colors and amazing description of the cave — dominion of the Mistress. I even imagined the bride in emerald dress with a long dark braid, standing in the midst precious stones and cooper rocks.

This is how an idea to make fantastic malachite and lapis table with cooper accents was born. Dark flowers and black, green and cooper table setting harmoniously complemented the design. Yes, it’s a very daring choice for a wedding dinner, but styles like this gain more and more popularity. Every bride wants to be unique, and as many ones prefer classic style and light colors, this design helps to show special taste.

You can see all photos HERE

Backstage from Como lake wedding

Эта свадьба поразила многих в 2015 году, настолько роскошно она выглядела. При этом она была одной из самых сложных в моей практике, так как проходила в трех локациях: утро невесты в отеле Tremezzo, церемония на самой известной на озере Комо вилле Balbianello, и ужин на вилле Erba, знакомой тем, кто смотрел 12 друзей Оушена.

На этот проект из России я прилетала со своей помощницей Ксюшей, остальной персонал, такой как флористы, грузчики, водители, сборщики и помощники, были местные.

По окончанию этого проекта мы даже составили список «свадьба на Комо в цифрах», и вот он:

  • 5 месяцев подготовки
  • 46 часов переговоров по скайпу
  • 1 разбитая машина
  • 1800 км экстремального вождения
  • 80 кг подсвечников
  • 23 кг хрустальных подвесок
  • 800 свечей
  • 233 листа золотой потали
  • 1 счастливая пара

Немного о процессе подготовки.

На осмотр площадок я, естественно, выезжала за много месяцев до самой свадьбы. Вместе с организатором мы осмотрели виллу Балбьянелло и Эрбу, изучив все нюансы, которых, как обычно в таких места, было огромное количество. Я порой сталкиваюсь с сумасшедшими, на мой взгляд, декораторами, которые смело берутся за непростые заграничные проекты, не видя площадки, и не зная никаких нюансов работы на них. Не понимаю, как так можно делать, потому что результатом подобного незнания может стать полный провал оформления и, как результат, испорченная свадьба для ни в чем не повинной пары. Конечно, если нужно сделать только небольшие композиции и разложить мелочевку, то выезжать на осмотре не обязательно.

Возвращаясь к Комо, вот такую красоту мы увидели во время просмотра:

Вилла Эрба Villa Balbianello

Представляете, сколько вдохновения было после этой поездки? Мы незамедлительно начали работу, продумывая проект, рисуя эскизы и составляя мудборды и коллажи.
Помните зеркала и орнаменты на стенах на вилле Эрба? Я решила использовать их в качестве связующего элемента для всей свадьбы. Они присутствовали в приглашениях, а также на колоннах на церемонии.

Параллельно мы отрисовывали эскизы и делали презентацию для клиентов. Между прочим, этот проект развеивает все мифы о том, что на расстоянии с клиентами работать сложно, потому что на этой свадьбе мы встречались с невестой всего лишь один раз, дальнейшее общение шло через агентство или вотсап. И все получилось объяснить и согласовать он-лайн.

На таких заграничных проектах очень важно изначально, с самого первого этапа разработки проекта, понимать, что именно нужно привести с собой, а что можно найти на месте. К сожалению, в Италии очень плохо обстоят дела с арендой декора для свадеб, не в пример Франции. Кроме того, стоимость труда и работа различных производств гораздо выше российских, иногда в 5-10 раз, поэтому очень тщательно нужно просчитывать бюджет, выгодно ли это сделать в России и привезти с собой или заказать на месте. Еще один нюанс — сроки. Это в Москве можно за пару дней сделать невозможное, заказать декор на производстве и получить его через пару-тройку дней. В Италии же, впрочем, как и во Франции, заказы на производство нужно делать порой чуть ли не за два-три месяца. К примеру, в Москве печать на ковролине для дорожки на церемонию можно сделать максимум за неделю. В Италии мне отказались выполнять заказ, присланный за месяц! Им было недостаточно времени.

Работа на самом проекте тоже тот еще стресс. Почему-то многим кажется, что мы расслабляемся на арендованной для проживания вилле, потягиваем мохито с видом на озеро и раскатываем на арендованной машине, любуясь красотами. На деле же оказывается, что мы спим по паре-тройке часов в сутки, едим урывками, обгораем под палящими лучами солнца, накручиваем сотни километров по стране и валимся с ног от усталости. А если случается какой-либо форс-мажор, то уровень стресса просто невозможно описать. Ведь это в Москве легко найти замену непривезенным стульям или элементам декора, сгонять в другой магазин и купить недостающий материал, заехать на другую базу и добрать нужных цветов. В Европе же это намного сложнее, хотя бы по той причине, что нет такого разнообразия этих самых магазинов, аренд, баз и складов. Да и расстояния порой приходится преодолевать поболее, чем в Москве, что может звучать как парадокс. В этой поездке я попала в аварию, такую, что машина не могла больше ехать. Слава богу, случилось это уже на обратном пути, когда я забрала необходимую посуду для свадьбы, иначе мы бы остались без нее, так как случилось это в пятницу, а в выходные эта компания не работает.

Вот так выглядела моя машина:

Итог — потерянный рабочий день. Целый день одного человека.

Однако мы справились с этим проектом. Мы накрутили более полутора тысяч километров за 5 дней, извели кучу золотой потали и битума, зажгли около 800 свечей и… да! Мы сделали это! И получили утром от невесты сообщение с добрыми словами благодарности в наш адрес за то, что мы помогли сделать этот день незабываемым и получилось все именно так, как она хотела.

Table setting workshop

As far as you know i make courses at Moscow flower school. So, today i want to tell you a bit about table setting workshop i’ve done last spring.
It’s surprise me a lot so many people doesn’t know even simple etiquette rules about table setting. I meet incorrect placement of cutleries and glasses at worldwide famous blogs and instagram accounts of florists and decorators.
Beautiful table is not only well done flowers and decorations, but also a correct made table setting. It’s not necessary to have a degree in it to do it right. But the impression from it is going to be much more better. That was the reason we decided to make this workshop for decorators and florists.
Here you can see some photos from it.

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