This is the very first window display we designed and created in Azbuka vkusa.

The task was given to us by the marketing department, who wanted to create a new instrument for the promotion Boars and Truffles, while also creating an interaction with the customers on Instagram.

The main idea was how the customers would make the truffles grow – in the tree roots. We designed a branched multi-level root system of an autumn tree (the promotion was taking place in autumn, when the truffles are being harvested), where truffles of various sizes were hidden. Moreover, we hid them so well, we had to recount them about 10 times after the installation was finished, to account for each of them. This was needed to pick a winner: in the Instagram of Azbuka Vkusa we asked the customers of the supermarket where the showcase was installed to count the truffles hidden in the tree or to guess the number.

In total, the project took us about three weeks – from the task coming in to the installation.

This is how our design developed.

And very spesial thanks to the very great designer Vera from our team.

And here are a few videos from our set up and the result.

What do you think?

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