You have probably read my recent post about DWP congress?
I am so inspired and I have found new destinations for weddings where I’d love to take my clients. And I’d like to begin with the country that’s been recently gaining popularity due to its distinctive nature. The South African Republic. A country I’d never think of as a destination wedding spot. And which I fell in love with after talking to a consulting company representatives and wedding planners.

Africa is a very unique continent, with unique flora and fauna. You can easily find a location of any style – an oceanfront, a vineyard, the savanna, against the backdrop of mountain peaks, and many more. Have you ever seen pictures of the starry sky above Africa? We rarely look up, living in big cities, but here it’s impossible to take your eyes off the sky!

In South Africa it’s possible to create an absolutely unique experience for you and your guests, from safari to swimming with sharks, visiting local tribes and flying over the amazing landscapes. The country is surrounded by the ocean from three sides – and that means not only the infinite possibilities in venue choosing, but also the incredibly tasty and diverse seafood menu (although meat in South Africa is especially loved).

Probably one of the most significant factors is the local climate. There are multiple climate zones: from deserts to tropics with breathtaking waterfalls. You won’t be cold: a just below zero temperature is an anomaly here. But don’t get it mixed up: here summer is from December to February, and winter – from June to August.

The local venues and hotels are worth special attention. Here I am offering to create a wedding or another special occasion for you. Some of the best in South Africa, they are offering a sense of luxury, splendour and uniqueness. Just look at this bridal suite! Have you ever seen anything like this before? I haven’t.

Also the most luxurious train runs across the country – the Rovos Rail!

Thanks to my partners in South Africa, I am happy to offer you a unique experience at your wedding or another celebration – whatever the occasion, the impressions and the one and only distinctness of the Southern continent will stay with you for your whole life.
My team will take care of all the preparations for your special occasion: from helping with purchasing plane tickets to creating the style and design of the celebration, from selecting all the vendors and executors to organising additional entertainment for you and your guests the days before or after the event.

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