The first time I attended the Wedding Planners Congress was in 2017 in Mexico. And it was an amazing experience that I, sadly, didn’t have enough time to digest. But one thing was clear to me: while I’m still doing weddings, I cannot miss the next ones.
This year the Congress was held in Dubai – one of the countries that are famous for its luxurious and outstandingly expensive weddings. The question I get asked the most – both the last time and this time – what did you get from it? And it’s very difficult to answer something like: well, look, now I know how… and also I do… and I am…
Of course, not. There are no extra secret ingredients or success formulas. You need to work hard on yourself, on your business and on your goals. You need to establish relations with colleagues and vendors, constantly work on self-improvement and be realistic.
This conference lets you meet and talk to incredible people from all around the globe. To listen to speakers from various spheres of business (not just the wedding one) sharing their advice. To take part in discussions on topics relevant to our sphere and meet the leaders of the industry. To establish connections with representatives of Ministries of Tourism of different countries and your colleagues.
For the whole three days, despite the number of events (each time, coming back to my hotel room, I promised myself to work – but only had enough energy for a quick shower and sleep), I was simply flying around, inspired, amazed by all the ideas and all the people I meet, and ready to hug any attendant (haha, by the way, this was done all the time – the friendliness and openness of the attendants was mind-blowing even for me).
I even had my picture taken with Preston Bailey – an old dream of mine came true. He’s incredible! I met Nadia Duran – I have been admiring her projects for a long time now. I met and talked to lots of people.
I think I can go on talking about this conference forever. And all the new ideas I now have! Now I need to give myself a small break to let it all settle and include the new strategies in my plans.
Wish me luck!

Huge thank you all DWP congress team and fantastic suppliers:

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