I have finally gotten down to make a post about one of my weddings. This was one of the longest to prepare – and it’s also one of my favourites.
The wedding is called A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but between us we still call it London, because that’s where the newlyweds live.
I spent 9 months preparing this wedding, and it was the first time in my career that the project changed almost completely 15 times!

The bride and the groom are an amazing couple who are living and working in London, but decided to have their main celebration in Moscow.

To be quite honest, I found the choice of the venue a bit strange – it was a big banquet hall, with the capacity of about 500 people, and the guest list was only 100. Since the theme was chosen and approved of beforehand, the goal set before us was not easy – to create a cozy, mysterious and warm atmosphere in this large space.

Besides, the wedding ceremony was to be organized, and it was necessary to create some original planning of the courtyard split into even squares of lawn and paths.

The final concept was very interesting: we split the courtyard into more separate sections and isolated them from one another with a cruciform frame: two arches crossing in the middle and draped with light fabric. The passages were over 20 meters long! Each of these four areas had special zones planned for them:

– the ceremony

– the “forest” swing

– a zone with antique mirrors and trees

– lounge zone with sofas and trees

After much thought we found an amazing solution for the hall: we split it in half with a large rear projection screen of 9 by 5 meters! We also draped it with dark fabric on the sides. On the screen, which wasn’t simply a partition, we showed photos and videos of the night forest, or windbreaks, or other pictures that would shift depending on what was happening in the hall. For the tables, we had special brown-marsh color tablecloth tailored. We placed a lot of tress around the hall. Smaller trees decorated with fairy lights were set in the center of the tables, with a flower “meadow” down below. And, of course, we added lots of candles.

Of course, we couldn’t ignore the details. The menu was printed on beige paper in the shape of a scroll, which we also wrapped in printed and burned pages from Shakespeare’s plays. And the guests’ names were written of sheets of galax’s leaves.

The seating plan was made into a large book.

But, as usual, life makes its own adjustments. As we started setting up, just a couple of days before the wedding, heavy rains began. Two out of the four areas turned into a swamp – the water was ankle high and wasn’t going anywhere. It started raining on Thursday, lasted all day, the same happened on Friday… Early Saturday morning, when it was time to make the decision whether to continue setting up as planned, we decided to keep just the ceremony and the swing and to unite the remaining two areas, moving them to the gallery by the hall. And, you know, it turned out even better, because in such an original and confined space we managed to create a real piece of the forest. And when heavy smoke was let into the gallery and the hall… A real fairy-tale came to life!

Needles to say, the couple and the guests loved the design for how unusual and atmospheric it was. And, surely enough, I was 100% satisfied with the result, because working on such unordinary projects is great pleasure.

And I cannot fail to thank my team, who showed everything they were capable of and exceeded all my expectations!

Photo – Nadya Koldaeva | Planning – MHoliday

You can see full story HERE

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