Today I’d like to tell you about one of my most famous and even awarded projects.
It is the wedding “Mystery Forest”, which won the award Wedding of the year in the Wedding magazine in 2015.

The idea of the style of the wedding came from the couple, who said they were fans of Game of Thrones and really liked the wedding photos of Sean Parker. And, for the first time in my career, the bride told me she wants the decorations… to be less about flowers and more about greenery, branches and snags! Isn’t this great!
The country club where the wedding was taking place was perfect for the chosen style, since we decided to hold the ceremony in a deep ravine, and the wedding dinner – in a small forest on the club’s grounds.
Above all, this ceremony is unique because most of the decorations were custom-made, and smaller items were customized.
Let’s start with the ceremony. The funniest comment I got from a colleague: was the bride burnt there later? The construction is rather complex. The base of the arch is a frame, which was ramped up by branches and snags found in the forest. By the way, the base of the arch is about 1m in diameter, so you can imagine the scale of this construction! We also added delphinium, amaranth and some greenery.
The benches were also custom-made under my supervision, strictly according to the ravine’s dimensions in order to leave a path (where, by the way, crumbled bark was scattered) comfortable enough for the bride and her father to pass. Along the passage, by the benches, we also put ferns in stumps.
We couldn’t let the reception be just a reception, so I decided to mix round and rectangular tables. What’s more, I decided to custom-made both the round and the rectangular tables. As a result, the rectangular tables were made of thick timber and real tree trunks as table legs. The tables were decorated in pairs; some had greenery garlands on them, potted plants in small stumps were set on the others, somewhere we put bell jars with moss in them. And the round tables were… more than 2 meters in diameter with a real pond with goldfish! The chairs were also different, but we got by with the rented ones this time.
By the way, the morning of the bride and groom wasn’t ignored by me either. One of the rectangular tables was perfect for a breakfast in the company of wolves and a crow.
This wedding was sensational in the Russian wedding sphere: there were those who loved it, and those who hated the concept and scolded the bride about wearing a black dress (which she, by the way, wore only for the breakfast, the dance and the reception; at the ceremony she won everyone over in her perfectly fit dress by Gala Lahav).
What do you think? Would you like to have such a wedding or be a guest at one?

Photo – Sergei Zaporozhets | Planning – Tobelove wedding

You can see full story HERE

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