Experts in wedding design
DY design is leading company, creating stunning designs and flowers for weddings in Russia and Europe
We are team of designers, florists and technical specialists, that work together to create beautiful and stylish weddings. We create all design from the beginning till the end, from concept to setting up of all constructions, furniture, linens, flowers and other details.
Our team
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
Dina Yakushina
Founder & Art Director
Owner and main brains of our studio, curious about new projects and ideas, creating unique concepts for each couple. She keeps blog, web-site and social media updated and teaches decorators at Moscow flower school.
Ksenia Serdyuk
Project manager, designer
Creative designer and best wedding project-manager ever. She wouldn't miss any details of the project and makes it work as smooth as possible.
Anastasiya Averyanova
Project manager, designer
Graduated Moscow flower school and have been invited to join team almost immediately. She finds a very interesting ideas even for a most usual themes of the weddings.
Mariia Iushchenko
Chief florist
She has a very rare feeling of flowers and plays easily with the varieties and types of greens and flowers, always trying to get the best from suppliers.
Dmitry Gritskov
Technical director
Do we need a waterfall on the ceremony? No problem. Do we need to build wooden tables for dinner? No problem. Do we need to connect 5000 watt lamps? No problem. Here he is.
Alexander Serdyuk
Technical specialist
It looks like screwdriver, drill and fret sew are his best friends. And fluffy pom pons, may be, too.
Our geography
We know the best flower and decor suppliers in a different countries. Drop us a message and we will make an interesting proposal for your wedding all over the world.
We add a new country to the map of our projects every year. May be, we will explore the new one with you?
Lots of restaurants and banquet halls in Moscow, surrounding suburbs and Belgorod
Tuscany, Santa Margarita, Maggiore lake, Como lake
Cote d Azure, Provence, Monaco, Chamonix Montblanc, Bordeaux
We get high rating at leading blogs and magazines
Our clients
We've had the pleasure of working with some fantastic clients. Here are a selected few.
Contact us:
Mob. phone: +7 903 511 4200
E-mail: info@dinayakushina.com

Our clients about us
I want to say "thank you" to our decorator Dina Yakushina, i can tell her "thank you" forever, for everything - for a hand made dream catchers, for sculls, roach, ring boxes, flowers and for a furious energy, creative and positive.
Kseniia and Alexander
Creative director in DD agency
Dina, i would like to express gratitude for the beauty you made with Ksenia for our wedding. Youa re not only talented, but also person who brings joy and happy to all around. Thank you for being with us all these days and wish you to keep bring beauty to people.
Darina and Alexander
Founder of Pic Pen studio
Thank you so much, our beloved girls! Everything was due to you! And for the best memories about that day!
Kirill and Lubov
Projects manager in Pixels
Thank you! You are the best, this is true!
Elena and Stanislav
A huge thank you for a stunning decor you've made for our wedding! All our guests mentioned an origina design of everything we had! You are and enchantress! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Anastasia and Ivan