I really love table settings. I remember, at the beginning of my career, when I first started working at European venues with their established traditions and strict rules, it was sometimes hard to communicate with restaurants and catering services due to lack of knowledge of even the most basic rules and requirements for arranging cutlery, glasses and plates.
As a result, I delved into the study of traditions, mostly with the help of English 19th and early 20th century books. So many amazing facts I learned! For example, did you know that there is only one type of fork to be put on the right side of the plate, and not on the left? That a cake is to be eaten with a fork, and not with a spoon? That glassware, same as cutlery, is positioned according to the order of serving courses? And do you know the minimum area required for one standard setting?
There are many nuances, especially when working at venues with traditions or high-end cuisine. Which is why every now and then I host masterclasses for decorators, because it’s hurtful to see top wedding blogs post photos with incorrect table settings.
These are the photos from the latest class at our school, where we discussed the most important aspects of creating a wedding dinner table setting, the rules and peculiarities, and also created two tables, choosing all the necessary tableware according to the chosen concept.

Thanks to Anna Kuznetsova for the photos!


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