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Creative Process

Take a look at how working on each project looks like.
Following these steps helps us get the most comfortable process with maximum productivity.
Working on an event design consists of several main stages, which are important to stick to to achieve the best results.

1. Acquaintance and initial briefing

At this stage you provide the fullest information possible bout you and your event. Your wishes, the date, location, and so on.

4. Estimates approval

After approving of the design project, we discuss and coordinate the estimates, making edits, adding and removing zones, details, etc.

2. Creating moodboards

After analyzing the information I received from you, I create a moodboard or multiple moodboards for your event. They help us establish if we are going in the right direction and understand each other.

5. Project implementation

At this stage we book the rented decor, produce the decorations, order the flowers, and so on.

7. Dismantling

After the event has finished, we dismantle all the decorations and flowers.

3. Creating the design project

After you approve of the moodboards, I get to working on the design project. Every zone is worked through, sketches are being drawn, materials and flowers selections are made, schemes are drawn out, and so on.

6. Set up

Depending on the complexity of the event, this stage could take anywhere from several hours during the event day, up to several days before the event.

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