I’ve recently been to Dubai and took a dive into the world of luxury, where even water might have 24 carat gold in it.

And I was lucky enough to visit an incredible hotel, offering amazing locations for wedding celebrations. First off, this hotel is right in the center of Dubai, right across the famous Burj Khalifa and the dancing fountains. Just 15-20 minutes from the Dubai airport – and you are already in the center of this astonishing metropolis.

I don’t know if you love big cities as much as I do, but there is definitely quite a number of couples who would choose a modern stylish hotel over the endless fields of Provence for their wedding celebration. This is the kind of a hotel I want to show you.

The venue has several possibilities for event planning: both for medium groups and smaller parties. I really loved the panoramic terrace with a mind-blowing view over Burj Khalifa and the fountains. Free shows every 20 minutes are guaranteed. And indeed, it is so fascinating and beautiful you really don’t need to spend any more money on entertainment. The terrace is fully open, which is why you want to start the reception early, you’ll need a marquee for the hot months.

If you want to hold a wedding ceremony, there’s a very green garden nearby to organise it there.

Another open location in this hotel is a smaller cozy terrace (not overlooking Burj Khalifa), surrounded by a green garden.

And inside a luxurious hall awaits – nested on the 62 floor, perfect for dancing or a buffet party. The room enjoys views in all directions – which are, of course, incredible!

I have tasted the local menu, and I must say, everything was simply perfect. Perfectly cooked dishes, served beautifully and elegantly.

The hotel itself is very modern and stylish. As I have already mentioned before, it is placed almost in the very center of the city, so it won’t be hard for you and your guests to find multiple entertainment options around. And if you want me to organise your wedding, I will offer you some absolutely unique ideas for guest entertainment in the days before or after your Big Day.


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