The minutes I met Judith and Luka, it was clear that we really need something special. Bright ginger hairs and captivating beauty of bride’s Catalonian face and Italian features of the groom gave us an ideas to create something modern and fashionable but with some classic details.

When I saw villa for the photoshoot, the first ideas that came into our mind were very classical and traditional for Spain.
Additionally, fine art photography supports this traditional vision as its associating with soft, romance, plane and light colours. But we always love to create something new, especially for destination wedding which normally are very classical. So, I decided to choose these stunning doors like a backdrop for the ceremony, but don’t add any additional constructions like arches or chuppah as we didn’t want to fracture existing geometry and pattern of these doors. Everything we need here is flowers. But which ones?

So, I returned to the couple and Spain itself, and more ideas reveals – it’s spring time, time of bright and vivid colours, like yellow mimosa and clear and limpid sky, fashion colours that many designers love. These colours are not common for weddings, especially yellow and sky blue together, so why not to show how beautiful they are. Also, yellow is very traditional color for a Spain as well as blue color that surrounds it, warm sea with beautiful beaches. Judith is a model in and Luka is a typical stylish Italian good-looking man, no matter what he is wearing at the moment. So its all formed – modern design, vivid colours, fashionable bride and groom and historic Spain villa.


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