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Working Process

Wedding planning is a hectic and difficult process, and it gets even more complicated with destination weddings.
According to my experience, it is best to start planning the wedding 6-9 months prior to the celebration, although that depends on the country. In Europe, for example, many venues are booked at least a year in advance.
Time zones and distance is something to be mindful of – however, it is not a problem at all. For example, I planned THIS wedding in Italy while staying in Australia, with the couple living in LA. And this is far from the only case!
The stages of the process are the following:

1. Meeting each other. First time briefing

At this stage you provide me the fullest information possible about you and your event. Your wishes, estimate dates, desired destinations, and so on. It is very important to begin cooperating before deciding on the venue, since we could find out that the chosen venue doesn’t fit the desired style or is otherwise unsuitable.
This is also the stage when we discuss your desired event estimates.

4. Booking the vendors

After agreeing on the date and making the prepayment for the venue, we look for and book the main vendors – photo, video, catering, the MC, the celebrant, light and sound, and so on.

7. The final calculations and acts

After the event we finalize the extra expenses, take care of the deposit refunds, communicate with the venue owners, and so on.

2. Choosing the venue(s)

This could seem like a rather time consuming process, especially if you don’t have any specific wishes or the budget is very limited.
During this stage, it is also important to take many factors into consideration, such as the remoteness of the venue from the airport, organising the guests’ accommodation or transportation, and so on.

5. Working with the vendors

At this stage we put together and approve the menu, design the timing of the day, write the scripts (if necessary), negotiate the music and playlists, and other fun things.

8. Receiving the photo and video materials from the vendors

It normally takes from 3 to 9 months.

3. Developing the concept and style

Actually, this stage often goes simultaneously with the second one, since it often makes sense to choose the venue according to the style of the wedding.
I create moodboards, making the whole aesthetic of the event apparent.



6. Coordination on the day of the event

From early morning and until the last guest. Depending on the complexity and scale, it might be necessary to involve assistants and additional coordinators.
We also take care of the dismantling process after the celebration.

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