This is one of my most favourite weddings (how often do I say things like this?), which took place in Santa Margarita, Italy.

It was very easy to choose the wedding style, since the bride loves the Belle Epoque, and I couldn’t be happier to get my hands on such preferences. What could be more interesting than working with Art Nouveau?

It all started with meeting the couple and preparing their pre-wedding photoshoot in the Metropol Hotel in Moscow. The interiors of the hotel were perfect for the idea, and all I had to do was choose the details and flowers for this unique shoot. And you know what happened during the photoshoot? I was approached by Gerard Depardieu’s manager, who was staying at the hotel at the time, and told me how impressed he was by the shoot, the costumes and props. Wow, that was just amazing!

The whole photoshoot can be seen HERE.

Olesya turned out to be a very demanding client, knowing perfectly what she wanted and immediately understanding whether she liked something or not. I love working with such brides, because you don’t need to waste time discussing the same things over and over again, while she would just tell me whether something was right or wrong. Which is why we agreed on the project that I proposed very fast.

The wedding took place at two venues. The unique Villa Durazzi was chosen for the ceremony, while reception was held in Grand Hotel Imperiale, in a beautiful and lavishly decorated hall.

I found a very interesting solution for the ceremony, since the venue was very hard to decorate – there was an old stone well covered with a metal carcass right in the middle of the location. It was impossible to hide it, so it became the center of the ceremony. I arranged imitation stained glass to be manufactured, once in the center and two on the sides. The centrepiece was almost a copy of Alphonse Mucha’s irises, the side ones depicted poppies in the Art Nouveau style. We also placed a flower composition of tulips, poppies and roses on the well. The result was so amazing and organic, that the Villa’s management even asked us to gift them the stained glass imitations, and the tourists who were still at the venue at the time of the set-up process kept asking if they could take photos of what we had done.

For the reception, I also decided to make two stained glass pieces from the styled photoshoot in Moscow. For the tables my seamstress made sequins tablecloths, and besides from flower compositions, tailor-made plates with the couple’s monograms and prints from the ceremony also decorated the table. We also added custom-made candelabras and napkin rings.

I cannot fail to mention the special seating plan. The hotel let us use their antique table, on which we placed piles of books, out of which custom-made bookmarks with the guests’ names and tassels would hang. A stylish and original solution!

In general, most pieces needed for this wedding were custom-made, and it didn’t cost a whole lot of money. The most important thing is to choose the venue that suits the chosen style and have a trusted professional, who will show you the best options for the decor.
And, to sum up, no wonder Italy is one of the most popular wedding destinations, since everything is simply amazing and it’s a pleasure to work there.

You can see full story HERE

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