In a February issue of the magazine “Wedding” my article about the price of decoration was published. This is the aged question for all brides and the overriding problem for all decorators. Why it is so expensive! We would like a picture from American site but for the very low cost. I`ll try to explain what`s the point.

When the manager announce the price to the client he often hear the question: “Why so much!?” And we asked the florist and decorator Dina Yakushina to explain what the wedding budget is made of , what the level of the decoration is depended on and how to escape the overcosts.

About flowers
The quantity is not always influenced the price. Why? Firstly, it all depends on the kind of flowers. Secondly, on the complexity of flower composition. For example, the big bulb made of hydrangea and roses meter by meter across diameter put on to the high prop could cost 1,5-2 times cheaper than the low composition of Rosa David Austin Keira, Ranunculus bulbosus, hellebores, Lathyrus sativus and tulips with diameter 40-45 cm, as they are more expensive in purchase.
Besides, to make the simple spherical compositions of hydrangea and roses can every ordinal florist. As to the fashioned and frequent in European blogs low disheveled compositions in a garden style – not any florist is able to make them. That`s why the price depends on the price of flowers in composition and the skills level of the florist.

About aesthetics
One more aspect is that we are used to another aesthetics. If the budget is high, the decorations and compositions should be high too as there are a lot of money. But there is another aesthetics which is known to many people from the popular European blogs: when the tables are covered with the clothes made especially for wedding, the paths is made of hand-painted silk, when the quests cards are made of agate with the calligraphic written names of the quests.
For comparison: printed on a paper quest card in a house form costs about 50-200 rubles depending on the kind of paper and a way of printing ( silk-printing when the text is printed by gold, silver or some other metallic colour costs much more expensive than the ordinal digital printing). At the same time acrylic or mirror figure chasing costs minimum 350 rubles. This sorts of decoration is expensive because of unique materials and hardworking.

Euro exchange rate
The exchange rate is also define the cost of wedding decoration, as the great deal of flowers we get from Holland. Besides, you will be surprised, the great deal of decoration materials are also bought abroad: plastic, plexiglas, canvas, braiding, tissues, dishes etc. All this depends on euro exchange rate, sanctions, taxes and custom duties. Many decorators, after all, are studying at the foreign specialists getting education in adjoining branches and enhancing skills. All this, as I tell you, also influence the cost of their service.

About originality
Creation of the unique design-project where many specially made construction and things are used couldn`t be cheap. The hand-made begin to be appreciated in our country at last. Just imagine, how much time should be taken to make a simple wooden box for the flowers:you should buy materials, measure a size, saw details, polish them, join them with each other, fasten, paint, make a signature if it needed ( the design-pattern should be done and sent to the manufacture, and the signature to the box should be made). How could such a box costs 300 rubles?
And it concerns the other aspects of the wedding decoration. Do you know ,for example, that the rent of the simple construction with the banner 2×3 cm costs about 10-30 thousand rubles depending on the kind of construction and the distance of delivery? The painting of the good sketch in the wedding dinner area costs about 4-15 thousand rubles.
Don`t forget the installation and deinstallation. The wedding with the budget of 500.000-1000000 rubles is served by 1-3 trucks with decorations, instruments and flowers. The same number of trucks is needed after deinstallation. The team of workers and specialists take part in such projects: workers, florists, decorators, builders sometimes – about 20 persons. That`s why such a simple things cost so expensive. If you catch this you can make decisions which help to save you money. And, of course, experienced designers will help you to spent you budget more correct, pay attention to necessary elements and areas of decorating only.

What to do if you have a tight budget

  • Don`t waste money for everything at a time. Try to do beautiful and completed two spheres only. It`s much better to pay attention to the ceremony and a wedding dinner, than to waste money for a photo area, sweets, bride`s morning and welcome as well. Nor you neither your quests will see what is done in fact. Imagine, there are two compositions or five on the wedding table – that`s different!
  • Focus on the quality textile and chairs! Short clothes and covered chairs with bow-knots can spoil even the best decoration. Clothes should be floor-length sharp, and there is a great variety of good chairs to let: from the classic Chiavari of different colours to the comfortable armchairs with different coloured fancywork. By the way, the coloured clothes – pale pink, mint, lilac, pale blue, peachy etc.- a very beautiful decision. They can give an air to all the area.
  • Choose the frugal subject. It`s obvious that the country-style (ecological or rustic) wedding much cheaper in materials and not so fastidious in floristic as baroque or Gatsby-style wedding. Of course the rustic could costs 5 millions, but with the equal small budget country would definitely look more brightly than baroque.
  • Don`t spare on professionals. Only experienced florist can point you the way of sparing on flowers, not losing the appearance. Inexperienced florist just offers you some cheap flowers which won`t look. So let it be a low compositions on your tables but they will be interesting, fashioned of beautiful flowers.
  • Be attentive choosing the supplier. If you are promised to do the equal for the lower price, it should get your attention. It means that you will get less than you think of (and of course you`ll see it only in wedding day) or the quality will leave much to be desired. Mind that all decorators and florists are working at the same market with the identical suppliers of flowers, furniture and so on. And it`s understandable that one and the same thing can`t vary much in it`s cost (if only your economic suppliers are going to donate you).
  • Think details over. Very often with limited budget details are ignored – rings cradle, quest`s seating, quest`s cards etc. But the similarity and attention to details create the perfect air we can see in popular wedding blogs. Remember that every style can have various decisions for different budget. The main point is to be flexible and loyal, be able to stop in time and to reject unpractical things, to get professional`s advice.

You can see the original article (in Russian) HERE

Photos by Elena Eliseeva, Elena Pavlova, Konstantin Semenikhin

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