Quit often i have no idea that some blog or magazine mentioned me or my projects. So i was very surprised when my bride told me her dad found me at some magazine. He is a very serious businessman and im pretty sure he never read any wedding magazines. So i asked her to find out what kind of magazine it was. It was wedding annex for Russian Merchant magazine. I found this article on their website, it’s in Russian, but you can use Google translate ti read) This article was written by my client from Santa Margarita, Italy. Here is a part of what she wrote for a magazine:

“Wedding agency recommended very talented videographer Oleg Shel and wedding designer Dina Yakushina.

I was really scared to be overloaded with flowers as it reminds me funerals. I checked Dina’s portfolio and really liked her project Styled Provence, where she used hydrangeas which just started to be popular. I realised, we wouldn’t have too many flowers if don’t want that. Also, she was very careful with the budget.

Unfortunately, you have to be ready that during wedding process your budget will grow bigger 30%minimum no matter how accurate you asked your planner to be since the beginning. Ex., velvet paper for invitations suddenly will be become more expensive at payment day; a few days before the wedding transfer cost will increase a few times; and more. What i want to say is that Dina exaggerate our budget at all and made something simply impossible: turned old well into magnificent ceremony background, manufactured for us one of a kind plates with monogram and art nouveau print (same on ceremony stain glasses). Golden setting plate were painted just a few days before the wedding in a garage! When we entered the reception hall, we simply lost the words.”

You can read full article HERE