Heart installation

Moscow, Russia

A giant heart for the citizens on Valentine’s Day


When we, together with the marketing team of Azbuka Vkusa, were planning activities for February 14, I wanted to do something for the whole city – something that would please not only the customers of our shop.

A heart is an immediate association with this holiday, but I didn’t want to make a simple one. Which is why the team and I decided to keep up with the geometry and polygonality, which were present in our winter and spring window displays, and made a polygonal heart. Some of the faces were left empty, some were reflective, and some were wrapped into green neon, the corporate colour of Azbuka Vkusa. By the way, the total height of the structure turned out to be a little more than three meters.

The installation was placed in one of the central streets of the city, near our flagship store.