I had a huge pleasure to work here, at La Baronia,  some time ago. And i want to share with you this beautiful villa i can highly recommend for a wedding.

First, a little bit from villa itself.

“At the beginning of the twentieth century, Mr. Francisco Trinxet, ordered to built above the old farmhouse of Can Bosch (s.XVII), a superb Art Nouveau style building, designed by an architect disciple of Gaudí, called Joan Rubio y Bellver. Its interior was filled with furniture, ancient crafts and works of art of incalculable value and was the residence for the Trinxet family. The part of the bulding corresponding to the original farmhouse, was destined for service dependencies, stables and barns.
During the Spanish Civil War, the house was designated first as a military hospital and later as a prison.
After the war, the family regained the house, returning it to its original glory by rebuilding from the wooden ceilings and restoring original floors that had been totally destroyed.
Once again, they filled the house with antique furniture and works of art of exquisite taste: ancient Roman and baroque carvings and paintings from different eras that still today, adorn the halls and dining rooms of La Baronia.
In 1994, the grandson of the founder, took a decision inspired by the french “Relais du Silence”, which added a note of distinction to the concept of hospitality in Catalonia.”

The villa can only be rented for one day, and staying at it is impossible. The manager is very pleasant and always ready to help with any arising questions.

The most beautiful and picturesque villages and valleys are located nearby and can be seen from viewpoints. By the way, the commute from Barcelona takes about 40-50 minutes.

The villa has various locations, which can be used both for the ceremony and for the reception. There are halls with a unique atmosphere and gorgeous antique design as a rain option.
The venue is perfect for smaller weddings, up to 100 guests. It is very comfortable to work at, since many zones are accessible by a van.
The villa has a special atmosphere. There are many secluded and very beautiful areas for the wedding photoshoot. Also, this villa is suitable for many event styles, from boho to luxurious contemporary classic.

There are three spacious areas outside, suitable for both the ceremony and banquet.

Indoors there are several halls, two of which are merged and very roomy. The antique interiors are amazing – you can spend hours admiring the millions of details filling each room.

The remoteness of the villa from the closest neighbours allows you not to worry about cutting the party short.

Altogether, I really recommend this venue for your event!

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