The idea for this photoshoot appeared after little talk with editors of the magazine. They’ve been preparing Russian edition and wanted to organize photoshoot by Russian fairytale’s motif. I was thinking about many of them, although Grimm’s fairytales came to my mind more often. Finally, i decided to use Bajov’s «Mistress of a Cooper mountain». It attracted my attention with it’s atmosphere, dark saturated colors and amazing description of the cave — dominion of the Mistress. I even imagined the bride in emerald dress with a long dark braid, standing in the midst precious stones and cooper rocks.

This is how an idea to make fantastic malachite and lapis table with cooper accents was born. Dark flowers and black, green and cooper table setting harmoniously complemented the design. Yes, it’s a very daring choice for a wedding dinner, but styles like this gain more and more popularity. Every bride wants to be unique, and as many ones prefer classic style and light colors, this design helps to show special taste.

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