Modern rustic wedding

Moscow, Russia

A contemporary rustic wedding


This wedding was set to destroy all traditional canons.

The rustic interior of the restaurant was to be made more contemporary and unusual.
The ceremony was scheduled for nighttime.
I was asked to use more light.

Well, here’s what we did:
– For the ceremony we built a runway, a backdrop and some doors in the middle of a field. By command of the lighting designer the elements would light up one by one (control was performed from the panel) – the rows of benches for the guests, then the tress, the backdrop, and, finally, the minimalistic doors.
– For the banquet we made two big round chairs in the form of a coil for cables with lights inside. The sweethearts table was made in the same style.
– We made hanging chandeliers with fairy lights and greenery.
– And, especially for the groom, who is a musician, we made chandeliers out of drum sticks for the stage.


Photo – Liliya Gorlanova

Planning – Gorlanova event