I am a very demanding person when dealing with weddings and design. Just a while ago I decided that I needed rebranding, as I wanted to give off a luxurious and stylish impression. And one name came straight to my mind. We worked with her a few times, creating invitations and stationary design for my clients. She also drew a few really nice sketches for my presentation. She has a very nice taste and is able to deal with quite difficult tasks. So I designed the most complicated one when we started to work on the logo:
– old European chic
– baroque and/or rococo elements
– a luxury touch
– not too heavy and too old-fashioned
– modern typography
I also spent some time searching for references at Pinterest. Here is what I sent to Maria.

A few weeks later she sent me a few sketches and we continued to work on them to get it done in a few more weeks. But she just couldn’t stop and kept working on all the details. After that, she created business cards, templates and envelopes for the contract, thank you cards, greeting cards and more.

It took a while to create a brand book, but it was worth it 1000%! Just take a look at this amazing presentation!

If you want Maria to do something special for you, let her know. Her web site is http://www.rasmarin.com and instagram is @rasmarin.graphdesign