When I came to Australia for one year to study business, of course I couldn’t miss an opportunity to do a bit of sightseeing. And there are many places around Victoria state where I lived, but two locations caught my attention straight away – fantastic Dandenong mountains with amazing forests making a Jurassic park impression, and of course ocean and its shores.
I am probably a very lucky person, but just a month after arriving to Australia I met an amazing photographer and we started to plan our first photoshoot straight away. And you know what? I am normally very skeptical, and didn’t believe that Yana could get everything I want, and then… I wanted to show that Australia has amazing nature and like any other country has some history behind it. So I wanted a wild location for photoshoot. The next day Yana called me and said we were driving to Dandening. Then I wanted to have an aboriginal female model and very brutal big guy. She spent a few weeks sending me profiles of the models and I would keep turning them all down, until one day she sent me exactly what I was dreaming about, our beautiful models. Then straight away the wedding dress designer came on board with her stunning red silk dress and Italian jewelry designer provided us a range of earrings and pendants. So, everything came together.
Oh, yes, and about the colours. There is one very common for Australia parrot, lori, and when I saw one for the first time, the idea came to me immediately – lots of tropical greneery painted with the colors of lori plus Armani Red silk dress and golden jewelry. That’s it. I had everything we needed.

P.S. this photoshoot was published in Russian wedding blog (biggest in Russia) Weddywood!