I love table settings. Back in the beginning of my career, when I just began working with European venues, which often had established traditions and strict rules, it was often hard for me to communicate with restaurants and catering companies, not knowing the most basic rules and requirements for cutlery, glasses and plates placements.
I ended up diving into studying the traditions, mainly with the help of English 19th and early 20th century books. The things you learn! For example, did you know that there is just one type of fork that is placed on the right of the plate, and not on the left? That glasses, same as cutlery, are placed according to the sequence of servings? Or do you know the minimum dimensions of the area you need for one standard setting?
There are lots of such details, especially when you are working at venues with traditions or high cuisine. Which is why I regularly organise small master classes for decorators: the photos of incorrect table settings, which you can still find even in top blogs, are too offending to the eye.
These are the photos from the latest class at school, where we discussed the key points of creating a wedding tablescape design, the rules and peculiarities of table settings, and designed two tables, choosing all the cutlery to suit the prepared concept.

Thank you Anna Kuznetshova for photos!