Window displays SS2020

Geometry, vibrant and bright colours, uncommon for Russian retail, and giant vegetables - these were the window displays for Azbuka Vkusa’s summer-fall season 2020.

You know how it happens: you come to a new client, you tell them all about your ideas and show the references, and in return the clients show their ideas, using the same pictures. That’s how you know everything is going to work.

I started developing this design aback in autumn, in a slightly different format and with other colours. But for the New Year’s we decided to use a more classical and magical theme, saving the geomtrry for spring. By the way, you can read about New Year window displays at Azbuka Vkusa HERE.

When we came back to working on the project, it turned out our design studio, working on the spring concepts, was using the same geometry in their patterns. All we had to do was merge our ideas, take the SS 2020 colours and bring our project to life.

Set up is probably one of the most difficult steps of the process when working on such projects. First of all, we try to do this during nighttime, not to cause chaos in the shops and not to disturb the customers. Secondly, no matter how perfectly everything has been done, there is always something to be corrected on site, which can only be seen from the outside, when you are assembling all the elements. And you can only see this looking from the street. And staying outside, even if it is not freezing cold, for 4-10 hours, while communicating with the installers in the shop windows through walkie talkies (until the batteries run out, then you have to call them) - that’s a whole different kind of fun, I must say. And leaving the team unsupervised is just unthinkable - especially if it’s a new team (why - I will tell and even show you in one of my next posts).

This season we decorated window displays for 14 shops all around Moscow. Some of them were more comfortable to work at, while in others it was complicated due to the depth of the shop window or how accessible it was.

With some of them we had to spend more than a day of work (for example, the total length of my favourite shop window at Kutuzovsky avenue is more than 36 meters!). In the end, the set up of all stores took us about a month.

And you to get worn out, and you do have no more energy, but in just a week after we were done I began developing ideas for SS 2021. We are actively working at it, and sketching will begin soon!