Wedding cake's task

Doing destination events I collected so many stories, that I want to start sharing them. And today is going to be the fun one.

My approach to a wedding cake is that it has to match the style of the wedding. So, that particular wedding in France back in 2014 was fun, classic, with yellow, grey, white colours palette and had roundish patterns.

Therefore, for the pastry chef we have drawn up a detailed task:
- the cake must be round
- cover the top with a strictly white cream or mastic
- no other shapes or colours should be used
- there should be no decorations on the cake, because we will bring our own topping, made specifically for the style of the wedding

Everything seems to be as simple as possible? Yes, yes.

Anyway, from 7 pm on, I started actively asking to show me the cake. And the restaurant somehow all the time avoided the question, saying that they were busy.

By 10 o'clock, I was already sure that something had happened and demanded to show me the cake.

And now, they take me to the kitchen. And there...

A rectangular chocolate sponge cake with crème brulee cream, decorated with red and brown chocolate triangles. And in addition - a caramel swan about a meter in height.

Thank God, the clients turned out to have a great sense of humor and we all had a laugh about it, but you know how it all could end.

When I finished wiping away my tears (I laughed so hard that I almost fell) and asked what the hell, in fact, I was sincerely told that the pastry chef thought our design was too boring and therefore made a very beautiful cake.

So if you decide to hire a Michelin-star pastry chef, keep your guard up)))))

And here is the cake with our topping.