Today I will tell you about a beautiful medieval and, by the way, not very expensive castle for a wedding close to Florence, Italy, where I organized and decorated a wedding a while ago.
First of all, the location of the castle is great, just 15-20 minutes outside of Florence, where the guests can choose accommodation suitable for their taste and budget (you cannot stay at the castle).

At the venue, there are several hidden locations (including those with incredible views), and one room with giant windows where dinner can be held in case of bad weather. Besides, there are several rooms to use freely. The castle itself is so picturesque and has so many photogenic spaces, you can have the entire wedding photoshoot here.
I can’t help but remind you that Tuscany is a fairly hot region, the temperature in August can go as high up as 40ºC, so if you are planning to hold some of the event outdoors, don’t forget to create shadow and provide an adequate amount of refreshments (another nice idea would be to order a cart of real Italian gelato).
It is also important to remember (which is relevant for Italy in general, and not only Italy) that August is vacation time, and if you don’t order group transportation in advance, you can expect taxi problems after the wedding banquet at night.
The castle’s managers are very pleasant. There are three exclusive catering services to choose from, but I don’t have anything to say about them, since I managed to get my favourite service to come from another region.
To sum up, I can definitely recommend this castle as a perfect location for smaller and ambient weddings! Just look at this beauty!

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