Want to have the most amazing experience of your life?
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I'm Dina Yakushina and I am madly passionate for the events and destination weddings, which I have been creating all around the world for over 11 years.
I planned and designed projects in a different parts of Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Monaco, Austria, Australia, Russia, Montenegro, Georgia.
I love a truly unique approach, creating event, wedding or design keeping in mind you and your dreams only.
I always look for an unconventional places, venues, design approach.
If you are looking for something offbeat, adventures and challenging - you are definitely at the right place!
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Ksenia & Alexander
Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France
We’d like to give special thanks to the whole team, to our decorator Dina Yakushina: I can go on forever thanking her for everything – for the handmade dream catchers, the skulls we put up around our apartment, for the roach, all the ring boxes, the ottomans, the flowers, but above all – for her amazing energy, creativity and positivity. Frankly, I don’t know what to do without such phone calls and meetings anymore.
Darina & Alexander
Como lake, Italy
Dina! We would like to thank you for the beauty that you created for our wedding. Not only you are talented, you are a person who brings joy and positivity to everyone around. Thank you for being with us those days. I wish you to keep giving beauty to people.
Ashley & Julian
Sydney, Australia
Elestory is a big team of professionals and very responsible people. We started working with Elestory 3 years ago, and every year their business program becomes better. They maintain their best level.
Anna & Nikita
Alicante, Spain
We are very thankful to Dina for her professionalism, responsiveness and attention to details. Dina felt all our needs 100%. Thanks to her hard work, our wedding decor looked 10 times more expensive than it actually was. We look through our wedding photos with delight and admire the miraculous atmosphere, created with heart and soul by the best decorator.
Sofia & Pavel
Barcelona, Spain

We met online and didn’t meet until right the wedding day. During preparation Dina helped bring the most brave and bright design ideas to life, letting our inner decorators come out and helping us understand nothing was impossible.

Dina has a very finely tuned instinct for the style that is perfect for a couple on their wedding day. That is what happened to us, when an extraordinary bright-red color scheme was chosen as the main tone for the flowers and decor at an ancient Spanish castle, where the celebration took place. Amaryllises, anthuriums, roses, hydrangeas and other flowers that are generally hard to work with blossomed with how Dina presented them, smelled so sweet on our altar, and turned into amazing bouquets on the tables of our guests. There was nothing excessive about the decor – it complemented the surroundings of the inimitable medieval interiors, the antique chimney tiles, bright stained glass windows and amazing chandeliers, namely: candles, hourglasses, worn-out cast-iron keys, gold cutlery, red glasses. But that’s what professionalism is about – creating the right atmosphere, where you wouldn’t feel pretentiousness and excessive artificiality.

During the times of our creative sessions and collaboration Dina has always been extremely open, pleasant and punctual. Despite being a creative, Dina does everything on time, precisely, without any delays, in great order. We felt no barriers and got on the same page immediately. Thanks to Dina treating us as friends rather than clients, our communication developed to friendship – and it remains like that today! We are definitely fans of Dina’s work which you can recognize anywhere – the exquisite sense of style, usage of nonstandard colors and decor items are her calling card.

Olesya & Andrey
Santa Margarita, Italy

I feared a big amount of flowers at the weddinf, because i had the immediate association with a cemetry.

Dina decorated the wedding of lena Kuletskaya – she used hydrangeas which were only just becoming popular. And i loved that wedding. I undesrtood that there wouldn’t be anything too over the top. Besides, Dina cared about our budget.

You should be prepared for the estimate to grow at leat by 30%, no matter how detailed it is requested. The velvet paper for invitations will become more expensive the day you need to pay, and right before the celebration you will find that the cost of transfer has grown by several times. But it was with the planner, not with Dina. Dina did not go over the budget (which was rather modesr, by the way) and did the impossible – she turned an old well into a wedding arch, crafted our own personalized dishes with monograms and ornaments, imitating the stained glass at the ceremony. The golden dishes, which complemented our cutlery, were painter by hand right the day before.

When we entered the hall and saw the result, our breath was taken away.

Thank you!

Katya & Yoni
Florence, Tuscany, Italy
Meeting Dina was a little bit unconventional and sort of a perfect miracle we needed at that time. We were working with an event organizer prior who as it turned out was trying to scam us, was a horrible experience and waisted a lot of our time. Once we said “good bye” and got our deposit back (thanks god) we started frantically searching for a new team. We found Dina through an article in a Russian newspaper. I sent an email and got a very fast response. It was so refreshing and really sweet of her as she was helping us out with advice and our search for a wedding venue without any formal contract or agreement at first, it was just a genuine attempt to help us in our dire situation. We connected right away. 4 months later and every day phone calls (she was in Australia and we were in Los Angeles), without exaggeration each phone call was 3 hours long at least, sometimes we spoke twice a day, discussing details, making sure every single thing is taken care of. I felt inspired, taken care of and excited for the Big Day.
We had an amazing wedding! A fantastic second day and gained a friend in the process. We are planning a 5 year anniversary in couple of years and there is no doubt we’ll be working with Dina for our event. Professional, creative, attentive to details and the bride’s wishes. Could not have asked for more. I highly recommend Dina Yakushina for your special event.
Alexandra & Gabriel
Barcelona, Spain
We are so happy and lucky to have our wedding day designed by Dina!
It looked like a challenge from the very start, having the bride in the Ukraine, groom in the UK and the wedding destination in Spain, but from the beginning we had a very good feeling that we made a right choice about the team and we were proved right!. Everything went smoothly and it was an enjoyable trip through the many weeks of preparation.
The most important thing I think for us was trust. We trusted Dina, Lena (our photographer) and the rest of the team with all the “how it will look like on the day” and we definitely weren’t disappointed!
The venue, the decorations, flower design and the ceremony itself, all the small things that you can think of about this day – was all perfect. It was honestly way above our expectations. We were able just to relax and enjoy our special day with all our loved ones! They took care of us, our families, guests and made sure that it did not just look beautiful, but it also felt like everything was under control and cozy at the same time.”
Julia & Daniel
Wollongong, Australia
My husband and I can’t thank Dina enough for organising our wedding at Sublime Point Wollongong 3 years ago! We came to her being sure that most of the job is done and we just need some decorations and flowers. How wrong we were! Luckily for us Dina took everything into her capable hands, guided us and made sure we were on schedule with everything. She made our wedding day perfect, we didn’t have to worry about anything because everything was under control and looked after. The ceremony was stunning, all the flowers and decorations were done by Dina too, the venue looked gorgeous and exactly how we wanted it to be on our special day! In addition to being an extremely talented professional Dina is also a wonderful person and we are forever grateful for having met her! Highly recommend!
Kiri Walker, Tigerlily Weddings & events
Melbourne, Australia

I had the pleasure of working with Dina in November 2017 on a styled shoot in the Daylesford area. She was amazing, her vision & design is incredible, she really knows what she is doing. She has such a great eye for design and I really hope to have the chance to work with her again.

Dina is also very gorgeous and funny and has such a kind heart, we’ve only know each other for a short time but I think we will be lifelong friends (well I hope so anyway… in a non-stalkerish way lol 🙂

Irina & Dmitry
Melbourne, Australia
We are very happy that we choose Dina to organise our wedding in Melbourne almost 5 years ago. Our wedding was ultimate and very stylish. Dina made a venue and reception looks gorgeous, with fairy tail style. All flowers and decor looked amazing. My dream came true! All guests were impressed! Dina is very talented and creative professional. I highly recommend her))

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