Здесь вы можете увидеть некоторые из свадеб, которые я организовывала или декорировала в Италии, Франции, Испании, Португалии, Черногории, Греции, Австрии, Австралии, России, Грузии.
Драматичный свадебный ужин с лаунж посадкой
Дизайн этой свадьбы был роскошным и современным, с акцентом на комфорт и фан. Вместо традиционных банкетных столов на банкете стояли плюшевые диваны и кресла, создающие уютную лаунж-атмосферу. Журнальные столики и банкетный зал были украшены потрясающими цветочными композициями темно-синего, темно-красного и золотого оттенков, что добавляло элегантности пространству. Плюс очень нестандартная фотозона на свадьбу - только взгляните!
Роскошная свадьба на озере Комо, Италия
Роскошная классическая свадьба на озере Комо в Италии была грандиозным мероприятием, излучающим роскошь и изысканность. Свадебная церемония состоялась на великолепной исторической вилле Бальбьянелло, расположенной на берегу озера Комо. Свадебный ужин был проведен на роскошной вилле Эрба, с потрясающим видом на озеро. Банкет проходил в великолепном зале, украшенном хрустальными люстрами и золотыми акцентами, что создавало поистине волшебную и люксовую атмосферу.
Драматичная красная свадьба в замке в Испании
The dramatic total red with golden accents wedding takes place in an ancient castle in Spain, where some series of Games of Thrones were filmed. The color palette is bold and striking, with shades of red dominating the decor. The castle walls are adorned with golden accents, adding a regal touch to the ambiance. The tables and chairs are covered in red velvet, with golden candlesticks and centerpieces featuring red roses, anthurums and amaryllises. The overall look is grand, majestic, and reminiscent of a medieval era, capturing the essence of a royal wedding in an ancient castle.
Splendid destination wedding in France
Picture a stunning destination wedding at a French chateau surrounded by lush gardens and vineyards. The bride walks down the aisle in a lace gown, carrying a bouquet of delicate blooms. Guests enjoy cocktails on the terrace before a multi-course meal featuring classic French dishes. The night ends with a spectacular fireworks display, leaving guests in awe. A destination wedding in a French chateau is an unforgettable experience filled with romance and elegance.
Intimate wedding with stunning Como lake views
The wedding was a beautiful and intimate affair held in Italy, on the stunning Como lake. The couple chose a hotel that offered direct and uninterrupted views of the lake, providing a breathtaking backdrop for their special day. The wedding was infused with lemons, adding a touch of Italian charm to the celebration. The classic style of the wedding was reflected in the color scheme, which featured elegant white, fresh green and sunny yellow hues.
Timeless art nouveau destination wedding in Italy
Stunning destination wedding with timeless art nouveau style in Portofino, with stain glass imitations for the ceremony and irises and poppies highlighting tradition for this style floristry.
Wedding of the year in Portugal
This wedding was the epitome of luxury and elegance, with no expense spared to create a day that would be remembered for years to come. From the opulent floral arrangements to the exquisite menu, every detail was carefully planned and executed to perfection.
The wedding ceremony was held on a tiny island in the middle of a serene garden, surrounded by lush greenery and blooming flowers. The reception was held in the grand ballroom, where guests enjoyed a delicious meal and danced the night away. It was a truly magical moment that will be forever etched in the memories of everyone who attended.
Wedding reception in a garden in Alicante, Spain
The wedding reception in the garden in Alicante, Spain was a stunning display of classic elegance. The pink and white flowers added a soft and romantic touch to the atmosphere, while the golden accents brought a sense of luxury and sophistication. The use of pink plaster apples with guest names was a unique and charming detail that added a personal touch to the occasion. Overall, the combination of these elements created a beautiful and memorable setting for the celebration of love.
Modern rustic wedding
The bride and groom wanted a modern twist on their rustic wedding, so they opted for a night ceremony under the stars. The ceremony was held in a clearing surrounded by trees, with candles lining the aisle and fairy lights twinkling above.
The tables at the reception were custom-made from reclaimed wood, with pastel accents and elegant flower arrangements. It was a magical night filled with love, laughter, and modern rustic charm.
Pre-wedding photoshoot at ancient abbey in Tuscany
The couple had a pre-wedding photoshoot at an ancient abbey in Tuscany. The bride wore a flowy blue custom-made dress with custom Dolce&Gabbana inspired accessories. The abbey provided a stunning backdrop with stone walls and archways covered. The photos captured their love and Tuscany's beauty, adding to the magic of their modern rustic wedding.
Mistress of Copper mountain
Russian fairy tail inspired photoshoot for Wedding magazine, with custom-made table, wall decor, dark flower arrangements and unconventional elements.
Intimate destination wedding in a castle in Italy
Award winning wedding of the year Mystery forest
This wedding won the title of Wedding of the year back in 2016. Everything was made from scratch - gothic arch for a ceremony, entry welcome wall, tables for a reception. I even created two huge round tables with read ponds in the middle!
Bohemian wedding in the mountains of Georgia
The natural beauty of the mountains paired with the bohemian style of the wedding is sure to create a unique and memorable atmosphere. The use of rocks and dry flowers in the design adds an earthy and rustic touch, which will perfectly complement the natural surroundings. I'm sure it will be a beautiful day filled with love and celebration.
Styling photoshoot and workshop in Spain
For the styling photoshoot and workshop in Sitges, Spain, I took on the challenge of creating a wedding ceremony and dinner with an unconventional color palette. I opted for a combination of blue, yellow, and white to bring a unique and refreshing touch to the event.
Through careful planning and attention to detail, we crafted a stunning setup that showcased the beauty of the venue while also highlighting our creative vision. From the floral arrangements to the table settings, every element was carefully selected to create a cohesive and visually striking look.
Classic wedding in the heart of Sydney, Australia
For this classic wedding design in a modern venue in Sydney Harbour, I opted for a minimalist approach with a focus on greenery and white flowers. The venue's sleek and contemporary design called for a more understated and elegant aesthetic. I used an abundance of lush greenery, such as eucalyptus, asparagus, ruscus and salal, to create a natural and organic feel. White roses, dahlias, chrythantemums, lillias, and lithiantus were used sparingly to add a touch of romance and sophistication.
The result was a sophisticated and stylish wedding that seamlessly blended classic and modern elements.
Boho wedding in historic villa in Spain
The color palette we chose for this wedding was a mix of warm and earthy tones, such as beige, brown, and green, which perfectly complemented the natural surroundings of the historic villa. I incorporated bohemian elements like pampas grass, and rustic wooden tables and chairs to create a laid-back and intimate atmosphere.
The floral arrangements were a mix of pampas grass, wildflowers, and greenery, which added texture and depth to the design. We also used local produce and ingredients for the catering, which gave a sense of authenticity and connection to the region.
Styling photoshoot on the shore of Australia
The photoshoot takes place on the beautiful shore of Australia, with the clear blue ocean and white sand as the backdrop. In the center of the shot is a stunning bride wearing a custom-made wedding gown made of delicate lace and silk. The dress is simple yet elegant, with a flattering silhouette that accentuates her figure.
The ceremony is designed with a clean and minimalist aesthetic, featuring white tropical leaves arranged in an artful display. A small table for two is set up nearby, adorned with matching white linens and elegant place settings. The overall effect is one of understated beauty and refined sophistication, perfectly capturing the essence of a modern beach wedding.
Styling photoshoot in Australian bush
The photoshoot takes place in the heart of the Australian bush, surrounded by towering trees and lush greenery. The vibrant colors of the local parrots, Lorikeets, serve as inspiration for the wedding ceremony, with pops of bright red, orange, blue and yellow scattered throughout the decor.
The bride stands out in a custom-made red silk dress that perfectly complements the natural beauty of the surroundings. The dress features modern lines and a sleek silhouette, with a daring low back.
The ceremony itself is simple yet striking, with a rustic vintage wooden vases adorned with tassels and painted greenery serving as the focal point. The overall effect is one of modern elegance and bold sophistication, perfectly capturing the spirit of a contemporary bush wedding.
Safari inspired table styling photoshoot
The safari inspired table decor features a rich palette of dark earth colors, such as brown, tan, ohra, yellow, orange and green. Natural materials are used throughout the design, including wooden runners, ceramic plates, and linen napkins. Various grass plants are incorporated into the centerpieces, adding texture and height to the table. Candles are scattered throughout the arrangement, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Traditional patterns, such as tribal motifs, are used sparingly to add interest and depth to the overall look. The result is a sophisticated and organic table setting that evokes the rugged beauty of the African savannah.
Bright destination wedding at Tuscany hills
Vivid colours at the fields of the most popular wedding regions of Italy.
Bohemian ceremony under the tree and stunning reception at the long table under the Tuscan skies.